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My life update, Abigail goes to pre-school

Gone are those days when I would clean the house and still be like I did not clean because Abigail is all over the house, toys are everywhere so are the pots, Yes the pots. She likes to remove stuff from the fridge we fight almost every day about that and is so unfortunate that my fridge can not be locked and that makes it easy for her to just open and grab whatever she wants.

Abigail playing with her blocks

September 13th was her first day at pre-school, I was nervous but happy that she is now starting this journey. All I want for her is to get used to it. When I went to drop her off I was expecting her to cry, she really surprised me that she did not cry but one thing that I am certain of is that she was curious about the environment. Later when I went to fetch her I thought she was gonna smile with me, but that was not it, she cried.

Abigail is ready to go to school

Now that I spend most of my time alone during the day, my focus is on my YouTube channel and my blog though I took a month without posting now I am back. After 13 months of being with Abigail, I decided to take myself out, I really needed a solo date and I am glad that I did just that although my solo date turned into a double date.

Having some time alone is very vital especially when you are a mom. I spend 9 hours alone during the week, which is very good for me because I can now go out, and attend to my personal errands, unlike when I would do that with Abigail around. Not that I am complaining but it’s very tiring. Like I told you that I never wanted a nanny to look after my baby, so wherever I was Abigail was around.

My Solo date

As much as I get enough time to myself, my morning routine has changed, I wake up at 6am, pack Abigail’s school bag, and at 6:30am I wake her up, feed her and bath her. Then at 7:30am I leave the house to drop her off. Her school is a 3 to 5 minutes walk from the house so there is no need for me to drive her to school unless is raining.

I missed having time to myself and do my errands on my own time. I am grateful that Abigail’s father and I took the decision to take her to school, though he wanted us to enroll her next year, it was a no-no situation for me because I was the one who was getting drained of being with Abigail the whole day.

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Another life challenge

Having my daughter has changed my life, at the moment my life revolves around her sometimes I don’t get time to myself and whatever errands I must do she is always around. Seeing her transform into a toddler is very exciting and tiring at the same time. She is at a stage where I have to monitor her now and then and trust me at times, I become so annoyed and irritated to an extend where I feel like I could just scream because shouting at her makes things worse. One thing that I would tell you my dear friend is that raising a toddler is not easy, it needs time and support.

Her father suggested we get a nanny to look after her, but I disagreed with him. There is no way I am going to allow someone that I don’t know into my house and more especially to look after my daughter. What if the person won’t feed my daughter as I do, what if she will spend more time watching TV than looking after my daughter? I suggested we take her to daycare at least I will be relieved that she is around other kids, playing with other kids, and learning new things unlike being at home with mommy. This is the right time that She must get used to other people. As much as I don’t mind being with her I feel like I must now start job hunting.

Gone are the days when I used to say I am raising my daughter so job hunting is not what I’m thinking about. Now is the time for mommy to start her hustle, job hunting is not easy I know the feeling I have been there I have experienced it but one thing that I don’t want to experience is to go through depression because things are not going my way in terms of getting negative feedback from the interview.

It has been a year since I gave birth and I am super ready to start applying, and unfortunately, I am based in an area where there are no opportunities when it comes to Public Relations, Media, and Communications. But that can’t demotivate me because the area is 1 hour away from Johannesburg, some people travel from here to Johannesburg every day so why not? As much as I love Public Relations I decided not to focus only on PR but rather shift my focus to whatever position that I can fit in because being too choosy won’t pay my bills and now I am a mom and I have responsibilities.



The more I think about my daughter turning 1 year, the more I remember the first time I heard her cry for the first time. My tears rolled down the moment I hold her, I have never felt so emotional like that in my life, I can’t explain the feeling and I am not sure if I was experiencing only tears of joy at that moment. I put her on my chest and she stopped crying that’s how strong the bond is. She stopped crying and opened her eyes as if she could clearly see my face.

Abigail’s first picture,17 June 2020

I am uncertain if colic is meant for winter babies, my daughter had it for 3 months and it broke my heart seeing her feeling uncomfortable. I would go on Pinterest and search all types of baby massage for colic just to make her feel better. There is no medicine I did not buy for colic, I bought Gripe water, colic drops thinking that the colic will stop within weeks, but that’s when I found out that colic lasts for 3 months.

Colic drops

2 months later she had a minor rash on her face, because I did not want anything on her face I decided to purchase E45 cream. I did not know that the cream is not suitable for babies less than 12 months, imagine I was applying it on her face 4 times a day not knowing that the cream will definitely change my daughter’s skin. After a week I noticed that her complexion was changing for the worse and that made me feel so miserable for months.

How my daughter’s skin was

It was not easy as people would ask what is wrong with my daughter’s skin. At the clinic they never considered it as a major problem, maybe it’s because they always experience such cases. They recommended the aqueous cream from the clinic, they emphasized that I should not buy any aqueous cream as they differ from the one from the clinic, I used it for a month and I could see the changes, and eventually, her skin got back to normal.

The E45 Cream
Recommended aqueous cream

I could not wait for her to be 6 months, feeding her more solid food, take note that I started to give her solid food when she was 3 months. I felt like 6 months was too much imagine she was only depending on the breastmilk. I could not wait to see her seating on her own, learning how to crawl, and changing her sleeping patterns.

When Abigail was 6 months

BOOM she is now 11 months, time really flies. I couldn’t wait for her to crawl but I was never ready to see how easy she could turn the house upside down. Walking few steps, that is very exciting, and probably not ready to see her pulling things as she can now open the fridge and remove vegetables and other food items from the fridge.

I can not believe that she is turning 1 year next month it feels like yesterday. Now that she is indeed growing I can’t wait to teach her how to colour, read and write. I pray that God grant me the strength to teach her good manners, one thing that I don’t want is for her to be disrespectful, irresponsible, and lazy.

11 months old


Question & Answer

When did you start your blog and what was the motive behind it?

I started blogging March 2017, back then I never took it seriously as I was still learning how to use Blogger (blogging platform) .I would write a post, publish it then check the stats after delete the post🤣🤣 funny I know. Then May 2019 I decided to take blogging seriously.

As a PR person is vital to familiarize yourself with such platforms and always be on the digital space. When I started my blog the primary objective was to share my life experiences (positive and negative) at the same time to create a portfolio for myself hence I always attach my link on my CV and on my socials.

What does your blog content involves?

Humble changes is a personal/lifestyle blog which focuses on categories/aspects such as education, career, family, relationships and motherhood.

Does your blog interviews only involves individuals in PR field?

Initially when I started my first blog interview I announced it on LinkedIn, I was overwhelmed by the number of Senior Executives who wanted to be interviewed, I remember I only interviewed two, Lasi and Paula. In my mind I was like I will interview others as time goes by, but I realized that it was gonna be too much PR interviews. So to answer your question NO I don’t only focus on PR individuals.

Do you have any bloggers that you are following and are becoming your favorites bloggers?

YES, there’s a few that I follow and trust me I don’t miss their posts. I follow Potent Thoughts , Everything Popping, maybe swearing helps, and Girl on the Go. I really enjoy their posts,maybe you might enjoy them as well.

How is it like to be a new mom?

Hoooooo….being a mom is awesome. Seeing my daughter growing, trying new things just makes me feel happy. I was so impressed last week when I saw her standing on her own, as small as she is , she can get on the couch by herself and get off by herself. What I love the most is when she cries and calls me mama outloud , funny enough she calls me mama only when she is crying.

Any challenges you are facing with your daughter?

Raising a baby might seem easy, but believe me it’s not, people only see you playing with your baby laughing together. It’s only last month that I started to encounter some challenges, when my daughter was teething, it was difficult for her to eat.

Since she is crawling, it’s easy for her to turn the house upside down, sometimes I can’t stand the mess she does the house. Opening and removing things from the cupboards.

We have noticed that you are not only a blogger but you also have a YouTube channel, when can we expect to see the next YouTube video?

My next video will be uploaded before the end of the week, I’m currently busy with the content. So be on the lookout Don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment.

Some of us are dying to see your man, when are you planning to feature him on your channel?

🤣🙄 I know right……,my plan was to feature him on Valentine’s Day unfortunately we were both not feeling well, I will have a look on my YouTube content calendar and see where I can squeeze him 🤣.


Appreciation letter to my sister in heaven

To my sister in heaven, Julia Lebohang Mofolo. “Ausi Mponki

A day doesn’t pass by without thinking about you, it’s been 8 months since your pass and it’s so hard to accept that you are no more. You were not just a sister to me but a mother. Thank you so much for the support and guidance.

You never felt like you did not enjoy your marriage because of us ( me, my sister and my brother). The fact that you had to raise three of your siblings and your own child was a huge responsibility but you never felt it, instead you treated us equally. Thank you so much for the shelter.

I remeber the year 2000 I was 8 years, when I moved from Free State to your house in Gauteng, that December you told me that I am not going back to Free State but I’m going to stay with you. Thank you so much for taking such decision considering the fact that you were married and had your own family. That was the time for you to enjoy and bond with your family, but because you loved us you decided to enjoy and share the bond together.

Thank you so much for raising me, thank you so much for teaching me the value of respect and education. I am who I am today because of you. I am very grateful that you have shared some of my life memories with me.memories such as:

My graduations (Diploma and Btech) The fact that you saw me walking down the stage twice means a lot. Sometimes I miss our conversations, how we used to drink coffee all night busy with our Research Referencing. How you used to wake me up in the middle of the night just to watch you prepare your presentation.I’m thankful that you were always pushing me to achieve my goals.

My Diploma graduation with my sister

You were the first person to teach me how to drive.I still remember the day you stole your husband’s car to teach me how to drive. I remember how stressful I was about getting my driver’s license, but with you there was always a way to calm down.

I’m grateful that you were the first person in the family to see my daughter and you were the first the bath her. It’s so sad that she will never see your face, hear your voice, receive your presents and go out with you. I remember how excited you were when I told you that I was expecting, I’m glad that you were the first to do the check up on my pregnancy and the check up on Abigail when she was 3 days old.

I wish I could hear your voice, I wish I could touch you and laugh together. I know you are watching over us. We will forever love you Julia Lebohang Mofolo. Continue to Rest In Peace my sister


My career experience background

July 2016, I started my career journey at PRISA (Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa). I was under Public Relations and media liaison department. I was fortunate to work with Deborah Summers, a humble and patient indivual, I learnt a lot from her and she is the reason why I love social media.

I spent 2 months in the organisation and during that period of time I was responsible for updating the organisational social media platforms, calling delegates for upcoming events, planning and organising internal events. Septermber 2016 I got another opportunity from Emfuleni Local Municipality.

There was no way I was gonna decline the internship from Emfuleni. I have always wanted to intern there because of the exposure. I was very honored to join the communications department a very busy department, from events to writing website articles. I gained an insight of Public Relations from this organisation.

My duties entailed, organising external events, taking photographs for events coverage, securing space on local newspapers, media monitoring, scheduling interview slots on local radio stations, branding for municipal events, drafting calender of events, placing adverts on radio stations and local newspapers, typing and sending media invites and media statements to local media houses and compiling and submitting POE on behalf of the department.

July 2019, I joined Pacinamix . I was fortunate to join the Projects team. A team of humble men ,men who would give you advices and support you all the way. The department was responsible for tenders , warehousing, Storing branding for Eskom, AMCU, and McDonald’s and branding for the above mentioned clients.

My duties entailed, switch board operator, writing minutes, attending clients meetings, assisting with tender documents, branding dispatch, scheduling meetings,designing branding plans,branding for Eskom events,assisting with CE’s and POD’s, distributing events briefs to the team and branding inventory.


Lessons learnt in 2020

  1. Spend time with the ones you cherish, tomorrow is not promised to anyone

2. Always be humble, never look down on others

3. Surround yourself with people who value you

4. Somethings don’t have to be explained rather stay far to avoid negative energy

5. Don’t mind what people think about you, it’s their problem

6. Self- care is a priority

7. Never be scared to take risks

8. Some people are meant to be in the past, nothing last forever

9. Do what makes you happy not what makes people happy

10. Saving money is essential

11. Never rush to make decisions

12. Accept your mistakes and apologise, pride will take you nowhere

13. setting goals is vital

14. Stay away from people who always complain



Monday Memories (High School days)

So I’m seating here laughing alone like a mad woman. I wonder what made me think about my high school days. Truly speaking my High School days were very comical, always having that one humorous and troublesome classmate who makes the teachers regret caming to school.

I believe we all had our funny days during High school, I used to have two friends and trust me all the teachers liked us as we were always attending classes , respectful and always doing our home works. We were far from being perfect we had our own skeletons in the cupboard.

Inter-house February 2012

Jumped the fence during the inter-high (Sports Day) ohhhh yeeess we jumped the fence , It was Thursday we had no plans and not into sports until we decided to go to the cinema since it was so cheap on Thursdays, I mean who wouldn’t want to have Coke and pop corns with only R7 including the cinema ticket? exactly …. so we jumped off the and guess what, we got caught immidiately after jumping off.

The troublesome classmate

We Stole 3 plates of KFC and rolls, so that day it was also Sports Day and my friends and I were so hungry. Our Geography teacher called us to her office to help her serve the plates and distribute them to other teachers who were at the sports field, we served them until we decided to take 3 plates to ourselves on our way to the sports field we turned back and go to the chemistry lab to put the plates and go back to the office. After some time 3 teachers came to the office complaining that they did not get the food, we acted surprised like we gave all the teachers the food. Then after few minutes the Geography teacher decided to go to KFC and purchase more chicken, as she went out we went to the lab to enjoy our Food.

Taking photos just before maths teacher comes in

Bunked the assembly, we used to attend the assembly on Mondays and Fridays. One Friday we decided to bunk the assembly , guess where we went to? behind the classes, we were seating there catching up and laughing until the pricipal caught us. OHHHH NOOOO was he not supposed to be in the assembly making some random speech to the learners? I remember he just asked us one simple question, What are you doing here? that time it was so hard to answer that question, he struck us on our heads as we were making our way back to the assembly. Imagine everyone just finished to pray and there we are walking with embarrased faces.

Taking photos on my way home, this was and still my dream car

Calling ourselves with celebrity names, back then it was a shame if your crew never had a name, we used to call ourselves candy girls. I’m even asking myself what was interesting about that name, I was Ciara (Expertise) then the other two were Beyonce( Egocentric) and Shakira (Sentimental).


2020, the year of happiness and pain

This was and still a tough year for a lot of people as we are in the last month of this horrific year we are hoping that next year things will be better, Covid-19 came and changed our lives forever as many people lost their jobs and their family members.

Even though it is a horrific year there are some moments I will cherish forever, moments that changed my life for the better, 2020, the year I gave birth I remember how bad I wanted my family members to be with me during labor, but because of Covid-19 regulations, they could not be with me.

2020, the year I lost my elder sister, she was not just a sister to me but a best friend. The first person to bath my daughter, the person who was always talking about education and how bad she wanted me to further my studies until I hold a PhD. Sometimes I wish she was here to see how my daughter is growing and how I am making it in this life.

This is going to be a different festive season in a way that I will be celebrating Christmas Day with my daughter for the very first time, at the same time I will be celebrating without my sister, which is something I never imagined in my life. Making peace with the fact that she is no more and she will never come back hurts the hell out of me.

I am really looking forward for the new year and what it has for me..…..


14 things you don’t know about me

  1. I am the last born in my family
  2. I am the tallest in my family
  3. I was born in Viljoenskroon, a small town in the Free State and grew up in the Vaal
  4. I am an introvert
  5. I am impatient
  6. I am stubborn
  7. I don’t know how to pretend, I straight up
  8. I’m not good with surprises
  9. I dislike people who fake their lives
  10. I don’t like people who give up easily
  11. I am very funny
  12. I like to bite my nails when I’m thinking too much
  13. I’m a coffee lover
  14. I can’t dance

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